MGE, Windows 2000 UPS Power Protection

January 24, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

MGE UPS Systems (Costa Mesa, CA) claims that it is the first manufacturer to offer power management software based on the new Microsoft Human Interface Device (HID) protocol that is slated to become the standard for any device interfaced with Windows 2000.The combination of HID and Universal Serial Bus (USB) available on MGE's latest generation of UPS models is designed to allow a complete plug and play installation while providing a robust feature set to optimize power usage and maximize data security. The upcoming Windows 2000 CD will include a dedicated power panel for MGE's newest UPS models that automatically installs drivers which enable the UPS to function as seamlessly as the batteries in a laptop.MGE claims that the implementation of the HID protocol provides numerous technological advantages for UPS users. These advantages include the following: faster communications, as data bits are no longer transmitted one at a time but as a description page; more reliable communications, because it is based on an industry standard; and easier installation, because no conversion protocol between the UPS and the PC is needed. In addition, users will find that enhanced integration with the operating system provides functional advantages that assure maximum back-up time and data security. MGE claims that their USB-equipped Pulsar Ellipse models, rated at 300, 500 and 800VA, will be the first UPS systems to comply with the new HID device driver protocol. These UPSs will be introduced in January of 2000, just in time for the February release of Windows 2000.