Liebert, Pentadyne Power Sign Partnership Agreement

May 24, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Liebert Corp. (Columbus, OH), an Emerson Network Power company, and Pentadyne Power Corp. (Chatsworth, CA) signed an agreement through which Pentadyne's Voltage Support Solution (VSS) flywheel power system will be integrated with Liebert uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Liebert will distribute the Pentadyne flywheel system through its network of representatives and will make the flywheel available as an option for the Liebert Series 610 and Liebert Npower UPS systems.

"This is an exciting opportunity. We are seeing increased interest in flywheel technology from our customers," said Kevin Stoll, vice president of marketing for Liebert North America. "We evaluated the systems on the market and felt Pentadyne had by far the strongest offering. We will be able to offer our customers a reliable, easy-to-apply, best-in-class, flywheel storage energy solution for battery-less ride-through and battery-hardening power quality systems."

"This agreement brings two best-in-class systems together into a single solution that offers significant value to the marketplace," said Paul Craig, president and CEO of Pentadyne Power. "We are very pleased to have Liebert, the market leader in large UPS systems, as our partner."

Pentadyne's VSS flywheel power system provides a stable, reliable, low-maintenance, extended-life, dc voltage source to either replace or supplement batteries in UPS systems. During a grid disturbance, the VSS 120 can provide sufficient ride-through for an orderly system shutdown, or until a standby engine-generator can come on-line. A single Model VSS 120 provides sufficient power to support loads up to 150 kVA. Multiple VSS units in parallel provide economic ride-through for power levels up to 2 MW.