Ioxus Acquires Ultracapacitor Manufacturer Power Systems, Ltd.

February 09, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Ioxus, Inc. announced that it has acquired Power Systems, Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer of flexible, slim-pack electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) with an extensive customer base in the Asia-Pacific region. With Power Systems’ proprietary high-power flat cell design, Ioxus gains the technological building blocks for creating flexible ultracapacitor energy storage solutions for a variety of applications.

The Power Systems acquisition comes a year after Ioxus’ purchase of Advanced Energy Conversion (AEC), a company that specializes in advanced power electronics and ultracap module designs. Power Systems adds another critical technology asset to the Ioxus product family with its flat prismatic ultracapacitor design in slim, flexible pouch cells.

"Power Systems’ proprietary thin design and high power cells are attractive assets for Ioxus, since their form factor and power capabilities are ideal for creating the energy storage modules that will take clean tech applications to the next level of performance," said Mark McGough, CEO of Ioxus. "We will continue to build on our strength of superior technology, adding thin cell designs that have already radically changed the way lithium-ion products are used in various applications. With this acquisition, Ioxus fundamentally improves the way ultracaps are used by offering customers a patented, flat cell design in a flexible range of module formats."

Ioxus will continue to serve Power Systems’ blue-chip customer base in Japan as part of its ongoing expansion into the Asia-Pacific region. The acquisition substantially increases the scale of Ioxus’ business, especially in Japan, where Power Systems enjoys a significant share of the market for 100 Farad-plus-sized ultracapacitors.

Makoto Ota, president of Power Systems, said, "Power Systems has succeeded in the development of a high power, thin-cell ultracapacitor for use in conventional module formats with Japanese customers who value its small form factor. We look forward to seeing the wider availability of that technology as Ioxus offers variants on our designs to a worldwide market."

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