Intel Forms Energy Systems Research Lab

June 23, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Intel Corp. has reorganized its R&D activities, renaming the group Intel Labs, and forming a new sub-group, called the Energy Systems Research Lab, that will focus on energy.

The new Energy Systems Research group will conduct research into energy distribution, control and consumption developing knowledge and technology related to the emerging convergence of compute, communications and energy. The lab will also work with other parts of Intel and the industry to help drive standards that accelerate adoption of energy related technologies which are strategic to energy conservation and management.

The group will be led by Tomm Aldridge, Director of Energy Systems Research. Aldridge is a veteran Intel technologist and architect. His career spans thirty-four years in the computer industry and fourteen years with Intel. Throughout his career, he has consistently worked to innovate in both system technology and energy efficiency as related to platforms, systems and collections of systems. Since joining Intel Labs, he has created and led the development of new datacenter power architectures, developed concepts for many core system technologies and developed the unified platform power architecture that provides a common formalization for processor integrated VRs and their interaction with power management and the external system.