Integra Technologies Wins Air Force Contract to Accelerate GaN/SiC Readiness

June 05, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Integra Technologies reported that the U.S. Air Force has awarded it a two-year contract to accelerate technology and manufacturing readiness of its patented, of the company's Thermally-Enhanced GaN/SiC technology. Integra's GaN/SiC technology is suitable for high efficiency, solid-state RF power applications including high power radar systems requiring improved performance, increased range and reduced operating costs.

The company has a long history of working on military applications including help with the development of the PAVE PAWS radar for early detection and warning developed during the Cold War.

Integra Technologies has developed its Thermally-Enhanced GaN/SiC to deliver excellent power and efficiency while operating at lower temperatures, which is a key enabler of next generation, high- performance radar platforms.

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The company is utilizing its domestic R&D and manufacturing program to optimize the GaN epitaxial wafer, device design and package design.

Additionally, the U.S. Air Force contract is expected to enable robust qualification of Integra's Thermally Enhanced GaN/SiC for production.

"We are excited to work with the Air Force," said Suja Ramnath, President and CEO of Integra Technologies. "Through this effort, we have the opportunity to commercialize our leap-ahead GaN/SiC technology to meet the high-efficiency performance and production readiness requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense."