“If Santa were an Engineer” in Personalized E-cards

December 10, 2015 by Power Pulse1595211359

Infineon offers engineers around the world the opportunity to develop a customized Christmas e-card. Engineers can help Santa modernize his ride and then send the prototype as an e-card to a friend. There are ten interactive options for customization including the addition of your own image as Santa's face. You can customize the packages being delivered, and numerous aspects of Santa's sleigh and the raindeer.

“The idea for the Christmas card was planned and conceived by members of the Mass Market Marketing team of Infineon. With open eyes and by scanning the internet team members noticed that customers and distribution partners were receiving rather “serious” greetings card from our company. Very often customers organized raffles, sweepstakes, and tombolas themselves. The team members decided to come up with a different approach, stated states Joerg Wagner, Senior Director Mass Market Global at Infineon.

He continued, “After all, Christmas season circles around thinking of your family and friends. And since Mass Market Marketing people understand customers not only in their professional needs, they also thought that having a funny, humorous and geeky approach might be a good idea. Combining these findings the idea for the very special Infineon Christmas card for engineers was quickly born. In an initial step, the Marketing team sent out a personalized mailing and placed the card in all of Infineon’s social media channels. Some time has passed since that, in the meantime the Infineon Christmas card for engineers has gone viral and it is shared in a great number of countries.”

“Our Christmas Card for engineers is different, on purpose. It reflects that our community is driven by engineers. But additionally is shows that we do have a very playful background – and surprisingly much humor and self-irony“, Wagner concluded.