IAS Licenses Turbine Technology to THREE

August 15, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

International Automated Systems Inc. (IAS, Salem, UT) announced that it has signed an agreement to license its patent-pending, bladeless propulsion turbine for the State of Hawaii to The Hydrogen Renewable Energy Enterprise LLC (THREE, Hilo, HI). The new propulsion turbine has undergone testing at a university laboratory, various power plant facilities and at its own laboratory during the past 18 months. Conservative numbers demonstrate remarkable advantages over conventional turbines.

THREE President Jack Dean stated, "There are two unique features that give this turbine an unmatched versatility: its physical construction and its use of multiple-phase fluid. Use of this new propulsion turbine technology will offer many cost and energy-saving opportunities for the people of Hawaii, and thus, move Hawaii closer to a goal of energy self-sufficiency based upon renewable energy and hydrogen."