Honda Announces IMAS Hybrid Sports Car

October 19, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Honda Motor Corp. (Japan) introduced its new lightweight and aerodynamic IMAS hybrid sports car, which features Honda's clean-running fuel cell technology. Expected to go on sale in the next 18 months, the sporty four-seater coupe boasts an average fuel economy of more than 100mpg and blends electricity with petrol power.

Exceptionally light and aerodynamic, the body is made mainly of super-light carbon fiber and aluminum, and the overall weight of the car is just 700kg. The IMAS gets over 40km/L. An aerodynamic shape helps achieve a drag coefficient of just 0.20. Handling is optimized with a shaft-less VGS steering system, and Drive-By-Wire technology delivers a natural, linear throttle response. The power plant is a refined update of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system. An ultra-thin, transparent instrument panel and navigation monitor provide precise, comprehensive information, including images from a CCD camera showing what's happening to the sides and rear of the vehicle.