Helix Semiconductors’ MxC200 DC-DC Power IC Now in Production

March 05, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Fabless power semiconductor company Helix Semiconductors today announced the start of mass production of its MxC200, a configurable high-efficiency 15W dc-dc power IC. Previously known as the HS200, the MxC200 takes voltage input ranging from 12- to 48-Vdc and converts it to selectable lower voltages. For example, when configured as a 48V input to 12V output, the IC offers greater than 97 percent peak efficiency and greater than 90 percent efficiency at full load.

According to Harold A. Blomquist, president and CEO of Helix Semiconductors, “With the MxC200 and other MuxCapacitor-based products, Helix Semiconductors is answering the demand for more energy-efficient power ICs in the burgeoning ac-dc and dc-dc markets. The MxC200 features a unique three-stage process, each of which divides its input in half.

“Power can be pulled from any of its three outputs simultaneously up to 15W. The company’s MuxCapacitor technology enables the MxC200 to achieve unprecedented high efficiency and to stay nearly flat from full load down to 5 percent load,” Blomquist added.

Target applications for the MxC200 include a wide variety of products such as wireless access points, security cameras, IoT gateways, and VoIP phones – as well as 24V to 48V intermediate bus converter applications and 48V input telecom and other Power-over-Ethernet applications.

The MxC200 also targets products with 24V inputs, such as HVAC systems and industrial controllers. In fact, the device is very flexible and can perform voltage conversions on input voltage ranging from 12- to 48-Vdc with output voltage as low as 3.0V.

The MxC200 is the latest of Helix Semiconductors’ MuxCapacitor capacitive conversion products to enter mass production, joining the ac-dc chipsets that the company announced last year. Interested parties are encouraged to inquire at Helix Semiconductors’ booth #1731 on the APEC show floor at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Budgetary pricing for the MxC200 is approximately $3.00 in 10K quantities.