Fastest Way To Select the Right Power Supply

December 02, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

One of the biggest challenges facing power supply engineers, salesmen and distributors alike, is how to ensure that you are quickly selecting the right manufacturer and product for an application. The advent of CD over paper catalogue improved the situation, as did the web over CDs, but now we have a new generation of product selector software which further speeds up the selection process. ProductWorld recently introduced its unique product selection App software which is already being used by some of the world's leading power supply manufacturers. The App is a simple way for marketing professionals to create a product selection catalog as an App for useuse with iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones, Android tablets, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry and web.

Dedicated software enables sales and marketing professionals to economically, quickly and easily create an electronics catalogue app for their own product and update as frequently as required, without the need for specialist programming skills.

The App, which can be designed to suit each customer's requirement, is structured such that it asks a number of application critical questions which then results in a suggested product.

Distributors' sales teams also often have numerous manufacturers product lines to learn, which are constantly changing, making product selection difficult for customers and sales staff alike. Using the ProductWorld App, the distributor can load all the lines to be sold onto the App such that a potential customer can automatically be guided to the most suitable product. It can even be integrated into your CRM software, Twitter and Facebook. Saying something is faster is meaningless until you see just how much difference it will make. Visit the designer's web site to see the benefits and get links to leading power supply company's apps to see those benefits in action, and compare them with your current search engine.