Fairchild Semi Launches Power Seminar 2003

October 23, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor International (South Portland, ME) announced that it will be presenting its Power Seminar 2003, a series of technical presentations addressing the most pressing challenges faced by design engineers. The presentations will cover switch-mode power supply design issues, including critical aspects of component selection in flyback topologies; how to use an optically isolated error amplifier as the voltage feedback control device; synchronous rectification power loss experienced by the upper and lower switches and the effect of shoot-through; as well as recommendations on product selection for 48V systems, whether from an ac or dc source.

European venues of the Power Seminar 2003 include Stuttgart, Germany (November 3); Munich (November 4); Padova, Italy (November 5); Versailles (November 6); Stockholm (November 10); and Manchester, UK (November 13). US locations include Dallas (October 16); Boston (November 17); Chicago (November 18); Milwaukee (November 19); Santa Clara (December 9); and Irvine, CA (December 10).