ON Semi Offering Design Seminars for Engineers

December 05, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) has raised the bar on its power management efforts by launching a series of power supply seminars. Partnering with Dr. Ray Ridley of Ridley Engineering (Roswell, GA), ON Semiconductor is offering two days of application-specific training to engineers designing power supplies and power management systems.

ON Semiconductor selected Ridley to collaborate with the company's in-house technical expertise to support power supply engineers by using his design expertise, software tools, and tool development efforts. Ridley's services will be available to ON Semiconductor for a two-year period and include lectures with ON applications engineers on power management topics, as well as power conversion EDA software enhancements to Ridley Engineering's Power 4-5-6 EDA software.

The switching power supply design seminar series will debut in San Jose, California on 7 and 8 December, 2000, followed by stops in five North American cities over the next six months. The worldwide tour then continues internationally with sessions in Europe and the Far East. The topics presented on the first day of the seminar include modeling, magnetics, power stage characteristics and voltage/current-mode feedback loop design. The topics addressed on the second day will be fly-back topology, multiphase buck converters and power factor correction pre-converters.

"Dr. Ray Ridley's reputation and expertise in addressing complex power management issues, especially in the area of power supply magnetics and modeling, are well known to power supply designers," said Bob Houf, manager of ON Semiconductor's Phoenix Central Applications Lab. Quinsey, vice-president and general manager of the analog division at ON Semiconductor added, "With the limited availability of analog designers with extensive experience in this area, learning the tricks of the trade from an expert, such as Dr. Ray Ridley, will prove to be valuable to both designers and their companies."

The seminar costs $95, and included in the fee are production copies of Ridley's Power 4-5-6 software.