Exide Electronics Launches Strategic Power Partners Program

March 02, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Exide Electronics Group Inc. (Raleigh, NC) announced the creation of the Strategic Power Partners Program, a program intended to provide customers with reliable end-to-end power solutions and guaranteed system availability. Customers will be able to create a power system specifically tailored to their needs.As part of the program, Exide Electronics is establishing partnerships with manufacturers of specific power-related equipment, such as generators, switchboards, flywheels, and transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) devices. The first to members of the program are TVSS manufacturer Atlanta Scientific and flywheel energy storage system manufacturer Active Power Inc. (Austin, TX). Companies participating in the Strategic Power Partners Program will have access to Exide Electronics' customers through Exide Electronics' sales representatives and distibutors, joint marketing efforts such as trade shows and brochures and product development efforts. Their products will also integrate with other Exide Electronics' products such as UPS systems and be managed through PowerVision, Exide Electronics' enterprise power management software, which enables customers to monitor and manage all the devices on their power train through a single interface."Exide Electronics has long been acknowledged as making the best-engineered, most advanced UPS systems in the world," stated Mark A. Ascolese, vice president and general manager of Exide Electronics' Large Systems Group. "However, there are many elements that go into creating the most reliable, bullet-proof power systems. We created the Strategic Power Partners Program to make sure our customers have all the right components to ensure the availability of their critical systems, beyond the UPS." Atlanta Scientific President Anthony Bird commented, "We are very pleased to be a charter member of the Strategic Partners Program. This approach lets us focus on our strength - developing the best surge suppression devices - while leveraging Exide Electronics' extensive customer base and industry-leading technology. This approach will create the best possible solutions, unrivaled by any piecemeal solution.