Ericsson Receives Chinese Top 10 DC-DC Award

November 06, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Ericsson announced that Ericsson Power Modules AB (Sweden), a supplier of dc-dc power modules for distributed power architectures, has received a top 10 dc-dc award from Electronic Products China magazine for its PKJ-N module, reflecting the company’s expertise and worldwide development coordination. The award recognizes those dc-dc product manufacturers who, through innovative features in new products, help the continuous development and improvement of power supply technology for the industry.

Ericsson Power Modules Marketing Director Patrick Le Fèvre stated, "Behind the product, there is a tremendous amount of teamwork spread across Ericsson Power Modules worldwide, and we all see the award as an important measure of success in our ongoing efforts to offer outstanding products to all of our customers."

Ericsson Power Modules Product Manager Lars Rabenius added, "Designed to offer full RoHS compliance, high efficiency, and as one of the most cost-efficient products to power RFPA, the PKJ-N is the result of advanced research to develop cost-efficient products without compromising quality and performance. This award is very encouraging for all our new products based on a similar platform."

Ericsson’s PKJ-N dc-dc module is the first tangible example of the close collaboration between the company’s product development teams around the world and the first new product co-developed by its Chinese research and development team.