EoPlex and MCT partner on 3D Packaging

September 20, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

EoPlex, Inc., a subsidiary of ASTI Holdings, Ltd. has announced a partnership with MCT. The CSI™ Platform is a highly customizable, versatile semiconductor packaging interconnect platform utilizing advanced deposition technology to 3D-print package components. This enables a significant cost and size reduction of QFN, QFP, and BGA packages with a marked improvement in electrical and thermal performance. Furthermore, the resulting package is readily strip testable, with incredible reductions in handling/indexing time, increase in tester utilization, and therefore huge test cost savings. The platform can also be used with multi-die, multi-chip applications in advanced packaging such as SiP and PoP.

"EoPlex 3D printing technology has the potential to disrupt and change High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) as we know it. One of the first disruptions will be in the manufacturing of very low cost and high performance semiconductor packaging for the mobility market which are strip test ready with no half-cut process step as required by traditional lead frames. We are delighted to forge a partnership with MCT to offer strip testing equipment for customers adopting the CSI Platform," said Robert Bagheri, EoPlex COO.

MCT is working closely with EoPlex to design and market specific advanced equipment for seamless integration into the EoPlex manufacturing process. The equipment will be available to all EoPlex customers and is slated to be available by the end of 2015.

"MCT is pleased to partner with EoPlex to support this new and exciting technology. The CSI Platform produces QFN strips that have electrically isolated devices, making them ideal for strip testing at final test. Customers will enjoy the dual benefits of much lower assembly costs combined with the dramatically lower costs of test due to strip testing. With CSI it will be simple to perform ambient, hot and cold testing using MCT's 5th generation SH-5000 Tri-Temp Strip Test Handler," said John Moon, President and CEO at MCT.