Electrosource Receives Order from PEI Electronics for Its Horizon Batteries

February 17, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Electrosource Inc. (San Marcos, TX) recently announced it has received an order from PEI Electronics Inc. (Huntsville, AL) for its 12V 85Ah Horizon Batteries. According to the companies, the batteries will provide auxiliary power and electrical energy storage in PEI's advanced hybrid-electric drivetrain.

The batteries will be used in 10 newly designed electric and hybrid-electric buses that are being manufactured by Advanced Vehicle Systems Inc. (AVS, Chattanooga, TN) for the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority. The first AVS 30- and 35-foot buses will be delivered beginning in the first quarter of 2000, and will replace diesel buses currently used in regular transit applications.

"Electrosource will deliver these batteries during the first five months of 2000," said B.E. Jay, president and CEO of Electrosource. "We are pleased that through a competitive evaluation process, PEI and AVS have selected our Horizon technology to outfit these advanced public-transit vehicles. This order is particularly satisfying since it is the second major HEV program to select our high-performance, lead-acid batteries over competing products and rechargeable-battery technologies."