Efficiency of ColdWatt’s Power Supplies Validated by EPRI Solutions

May 09, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

ColdWatt, Inc. announced its approach to energy efficient power solutions for enterprise server equipment has been validated by EPRI Solutions — a wholly owned, independently managed subsidiary of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

The unit submitted by ColdWatt was a production ready AC-DC power supply used in 1U rack-optimized server equipment with power redundancy. It was rated at 700 Watts of output power at 12 Volts DC. The power supply delivered an outstanding 87 percent efficiency from 50 percent through 100 percent of rated output power. Also noteworthy was the unit's 80 percent efficiency at 20 percent of rated output power, a typical operating point for idle server resources. With this performance ColdWatt is seeking to lead the industry in efficiency across the operating range, especially under the increasingly important light load condition.

EPRI Solutions and ColdWatt are both concerned with the environmental and operational impact of energy efficiency in enterprise IT equipment. "Savvy IT professionals across the industry now realize that there are big savings linked to the efficiency of power supplies in data center equipment," said Dr. Arshad Mansoor, Vice President, Power Delivery Business Unit, EPRI Solutions. "We applaud companies like ColdWatt who are committed to innovating energy efficient technologies."

The efficiency of power conversion technology used in IT equipment plays a pivotal role in the amount of electricity consumed by the data center. "Energy losses associated with AC-DC power conversion in IT equipment is a significant opportunity to reduce data center operating expenses and conserve energy," said Dan Artusi, Chairman and CEO of ColdWatt. "We are delighted to have received an independent validation of our technology from EPRI Solutions."