DynamicThermo-Electrical Simulation for VIPower Devices

March 18, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

TwisterSIM from STMicroelectronics, Inc. is a unique free software suite that includes a Smart Interactive Selector and a Dynamic Electro-Thermal Simulator for Automotive Low/High-side driver/switches and H-bridges for motor control built using ST's proprietary VIPower™ technology. The tool allows complex evaluations with accurate dynamic simulations of load-compatibility, wiring-harness optimization, fault condition impact analysis, diagnostic behavior analysis and Dynamic Thermal performance in just a few clicks.

TwisterSIM considerably reduces the cost and time needed to select and validate a product for a specific application layout by performing a thermal-electrical dynamic simulation. The tool is free of charge on the STMicro web site.

Key features include: Built-in library of accurate VIPower-product models based on a proprietary methodology and validation that allows a realistic reproduction of “in application” behavior; Step-by-step guided selection of the optimal device for a specific application; Built-in load library for automotive lamps and generic loads; Simulation results, including junction thermal profiles, load current, and diagnostic behavior, are shown on dedicated scope views and can be exported in multiple commonly-used formats; User selectable wide range of environmental conditions and real device parameters; Direct links to the product web page to view related datasheet and product collaterals; and On-line forum is available to help users.