Denver Unveils 46 New Electric and Hybrid-Electric City Vehicles

May 23, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Mayor Wellington Webb of the city of Denver, CO, announced that the city is continuing to step up efforts to help the environment and reduce fuel consumption by integrating more electric and gas-electric hybrid vehicles into its automobile fleet. The city unveiled 39 Toyota Prius hybrid sedans it purchased for use by the Public Works and Fire departments, as well as seven RAV4-EVs for companies in the greater Denver area. In an effort to introduce public access EV charging along the Front Range, the city is also placing eight charging stations from Ft. Collins to Denver.

“National energy consumption can be dramatically decreased through many simple ways,” Mayor Webb said. “Denver is a national leader in energy conservation through measures we have taken to reduce energy usage in our city fleet. We are now taking another conservation step through the use of gas-electric hybrid vehicles and through the promotion of an electric vehicle charging infrastructure.”