Delta Promotes Prototype Power Supplies Supporting PMBus Standard

April 22, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Delta Electronics announced the availability of prototype power supplies supporting the PMBus™ standard at the 2007 Spring Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing. PMBus (Power Management Bus) is a new industry standard for power subsystem management. Intel is promoting PMBus at IDF to drive market awareness and adoption of the first truly open communications standard for the digital control of power systems.

"Standards based digital power management is a key technology for enabling energy efficient performance in the enterprise", said Tom Macdonald, Vice President and General Manager of Platform Components Group. "Delta’s demonstration of its readiness to bring PMBus compliant power supplies to the market marks a significant milestone in the enablement of the ecosystem that facilitates OEMs and ISVs to develop innovative capabilities that address real world data center issues."

Delta and Intel have long cooperated in improving energy efficiency in ac-dc and dc-dc power management. From supporting the initial SSI initiative and PSMI to migrating to the PMBus, Delta has worked closely with Intel to promote continued innovation and implementation of energy efficient technologies.