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How the EA-PSB 10000 Programmable Power Supply Improves Testing to The German LV123 Automotive Standard

April 06, 2023 by EA Elektro-Automatik

Explore the features that make the EA-PSB 10000 – a programmable, autoranging, bidirectional DC power source – the ideal solution for LV123 testing for HEV and EV applications.

Application Note Overview 

Fast, accurate and cost-effective - these are the requirements that OEMs of EVs and hybrid vehicles place on test routines for the German automotive standard LV123. The norm covers a range of different systems - including DC/DC converters, onboard chargers, inverters, batteries and many more. Accordingly, the tests have to be flexible. In this application note, we explain how our bidirectional power supply EA-PSB 10000 helps you implement all the required test routines for LV123 more easily than ever.

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