Darnell.Com Pens Strategic Partnership Agreement

February 19, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Darnell.Com Inc. (Corona, CA) announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Shenzhen IC-Net Co., a leading Chinese e-commerce company specializing in integrated circuits, semiconductors and related electronic products under the auspices of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (CECC) and the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (MII).

The terms of the strategic partnership call for cross-licensing and comprehensive cooperation in the areas of content exchange, marketing and promotion, and business. This will provide Darnell.Com with access to IC-Net's extensive information resources inside China and will contribute directly to Darnell.Com's ability to offer increased coverage of developments in the Chinese power electronics industry.

"We are excited about this relationship," stated Jeffrey Shepard, president of Darnell.Com. "With the anticipated entry of China into the World Trade Organization, interest in China, and the Chinese electronics marketplace in particular, is expected to grow significantly. This strategic partnership with IC-Net puts Darnell.Com in a strong position to supply comprehensive English-language coverage of developments in the Chinese electronics industry."

Darnell.Com and IC-Net expect the relationship to be mutually beneficial because both recognize that China is one of the largest potential markets for ICs and other electronic products. The new relationship will give Darnell.Com more resources to help its North American and European clients gather information and gain access to China, which has the fastest-growing electronics market in the world. Meanwhile, IC-Net will be in a position to help small- to medium-sized Chinese companies gather information and gain access to the world's largest electronics markets in North America and Europe.

Darnell.Com is the leading source for worldwide strategic information covering the full spectrum of power electronics, and is the publisher of the PowerPulse daily e-mail news service. The company specializes in the economic/business analysis of emerging power electronics markets and technologies. In addition, Darnell.Com is a leader in the use of electronic publishing technologies and recently applied for a series of patents on its Smart Interactive Multimedia Publishing technology.