Catalyst Semi and Leadis Tech Announce LED Driver Partnership

April 19, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. and Leadis Technology, Inc. announced a partnership on Catalyst’s patent-pending Quad-Mode™ LED driver technology. Under the partnership agreement, Leadis will license Catalyst’s Quad-Mode™ charge pump technology and receive rights to integrate the architecture in upcoming LED driver products.

"This partnership marks the recognition by both Leadis and Catalyst that the Quad-Mode™ adaptive fractional charge pump architecture delivers the next leap forward in LED driver efficiency for today’s portable products," said Gelu Voicu, Catalyst Semiconductor’s President and CEO. "Catalyst is pleased to partner with Leadis as they are a recognized leader in the small color display driver IC market. This relationship further validates the unparalleled performance of the Quad-Mode™ architecture."

Catalyst’s Quad-Mode™ charge pump LED driver architecture is claimed to deliver 10% higher efficiency in a 65% smaller package compared to competitive similar technologies through the addition of a 1.33x fourth pump mode, augmenting the existing 1x/1.5x/2x pump options. The 1.33x mode is said to provide a higher efficiency alternative to the industry-standard 1.5x mode typically utilized when the system battery voltage is not sufficient to drive the LED in 1x mode. Quad-Mode™ LED drivers combine the efficiency levels of inductive boost converters and the simplicity of charge pumps, without adding cost, components or board space. These significant power and space savings are claimed to give today’s advanced handheld device designers an enhanced level of system performance to meet consumer demand for lower cost and longer battery life portable products.

The Quad-Mode™ LED driver partnership between Leadis and Catalyst marks the dedication of both companies to ensure the deployment of Quad-Mode™ technology throughout the global handheld display industry. As a result of the partnership, opportunities may be opened up for customers to have multiple sourcing options for this innovative LED driver architecture. The companies also plan coordinated marketing and sales activities to build awareness of the significant battery and space savings realized through the use of Quad-Mode™ products.

"We are very pleased to partner with Catalyst to bring their innovative Quad-Mode™ charge pump architecture to market," said Leadis Technology President and CEO, Tony Alvarez. "Quad-Mode™ LED drivers together with Leadis’ new PowerLite™ line of LCD display drivers comprise a compelling solution and breakthrough in power savings for today’s advanced mobile display designs."