BorgWarner To Launch First Visctronic Fan Drives for Class 8 Commercial Trucks in North America

June 20, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

A first for Class 8 commercial trucks in North America, BorgWarner Thermal Systems now supplies Visctronic fan drives as optional equipment for Freightliner Cascadia trucks powered by DD13 and DD15 engines. Engineered for optimal efficiency, BorgWarner’s electronically controlled Visctronic fan drives operate only when needed and at the appropriate speed, freeing up engine power and contributing to better fuel economy. Tighter control of engine temperature also extends engine and component life.

"To meet stringent emissions regulations, today’s heavy-duty commercial truck engines run at higher temperatures, making cooling systems a critical engine component. BorgWarner’s Visctronic fan drives respond directly to engine demands, delivering precise cooling to keep truck fleets running more efficiently," said Daniel J. CasaSanta, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Thermal Systems. "With BorgWarner Kysor® on/off fan drives already standard equipment on these engines, we are pleased to expand our business with Freightliner by offering truck fleets the option to improve fuel economy and increase horsepower with BorgWarner Visctronic fan drives."

Visctronic fan drives combine BorgWarner’s proven viscous technology with precise electronic control. Through specifically calibrated software, the fan drive communicates with the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU) to continuously determine the engine’s cooling needs. Patented fluid-actuated valves and high-speed reservoirs respond quickly for accurate control, delivering just the right amount of cooling when it’s needed. Because the fan drive responds directly to the engine’s cooling needs, average fan speed is lower. That means more available horsepower, better fuel economy, lower noise and improved driver comfort. Even at idle speed, the fan drive generates very low parasitic drag. As a self-contained unit, the fan drive requires no service or maintenance.