BOLT Portable USB Charger continues to Drive Funds on Kickstarter

July 01, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

By aiming to design the world’s smallest portable USB wall charger with a rechargeable battery, the founders behind BOLT have created a method for users to recharge mobile devices when on the go. BOLT was built from the ground up to replace your standard wall charger. Bolt is a USB wall charger combined with a built in 3000mAh rechargeable battery. While BOLT is plugged into the wall, it charges both the mobile device and the rechargeable battery automatically, which allows users to power up devices from anywhere at any time.

BOLT has turned to Kickstarter to take the business of portable device charging to a brand new level, and raise the necessary funds to manufacture the product. Kickstarter is known for giving designers the chance to share new innovations and tech products with the world. Whether it is an upgrade to a current product, or introducing a brand new idea, the popular crowdfunding platform has majorly impacted the way consumers discover and buy tech products. BOLT’s founders at mobile technology company, Fluxmob, believe the portable USB charger is the best solution for powering devices on the go, and want to share BOLT with the world.

“We set out to design a battery backup with a built in wall charger that is the smallest of its kind, yet still has enough power to withstand everyday life,” says BOLT founder, Alan Tran. “Compromising on either of these aspects wasn’t an option, we weren’t going to stop until BOLT was the perfect grab-and-go charging solution.”

There are a variety of aspects that separate BOLT from other portable chargers on the market. The first difference between BOLT and other portable chargers is that the wall plug and rechargeable battery are in one compact device. Instead of lugging around two bulky devices, BOLT simplifies the process within one portable charger. Secondly, BOLT is just a third of the size of its competitors and, despite BOLT’s compact size, the portable charger packs twice the power capacity of other portable chargers. This battery life allows the device to carry enough juice to charge an iPhone, Android and any other devices that charges via USB, up to two times before needing to be recharged.

The fourth aspect that separates BOLT is its price; Kickstarter backers can currently buy BOLT for $50, which is almost $20 cheaper than competing USB portable chargers. BOLT reached its crowdfunding goal of $44,000 after only nine days on Kickstarter. This quick success means backers are guaranteed to receive the innovative USB portable charger this October. After reaching their goal, BOLT’s founders introduced a stretch goal to encourage more people to back the project. If BOLT reaches $88,000, the founders will add an international travel kit, which includes various adapters for travelers to easily power up mobile devices. Currently, BOLT has raised almost $57,000, and has 12 days remaining to reach the stretch goal.