Baldor's BSM Servo Motors Chosen by ProCom

November 26, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Baldor (UK) has been chosen by ProCom Systemhaus und Ingenieurunternehmen GmbH (Germany) to supply its matched servo motors and drives for ProCom's modular CNC300 motion-control system.

The motors are from Baldor's BSM ac brushless servo range, which feature rare earth magnets and proprietary stator construction techniques that enhance thermal performance to deliver high output torques.

"The high torque of these motor and drive combinations is helping us to deliver higher throughput to our machine builder customers," said Herr Breddermann, Bereichsleiter CNC Produkte of ProCom. "The wide range of FlexDrive and BSM products also helps us, allowing us to obtain cost-effective motors and drive choices for all the various axes needed in these machines."