Arotech's Electric Fuel Joins International Zinc Consortium

March 14, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Arotech Corp. (New York) announced that its Electric Fuel Battery Corp. subsidiary is one of the founders of the recently formed Zinc Energy Storage Technology (ZEST) Consortium. Launched in March 2005, the Consortium's aim is to enable the market for zinc-energy storage technology to realize its full potential. The Consortium will initially focus on the electric vehicle market in Asia.

Arotech's zinc-air hybrid bus can travel 145 miles under demanding city driving conditions while operating standard bus features, including air-conditioning. Powered by Electric Fuel's zinc-air technology, the bus has zero tailpipe emissions and recently, in an FTA program performance test, it was proven that the bus can also run on commercially available zinc.

"We believe that our zinc-air technology for electric transportation has great potential" said Arotech Chairman and CEO Robert Ehrlich. "Rising fuel costs and Electric Fuel's technology advancements can position our zinc-air system as a real alternative to hydrogen-based fuel cells for clean transportation in Asia."