35W Wide Input Flyback Converter Demo Board

December 01, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

The STEVAL-ILL069V2 35W wide input-range flyback converter demonstration board from STMicroelectronics supplies a stable and insulated 48V voltage bus suitable for secondary-side circuitry (e.g., LED current generators) for a total output power of 35W over a wide range of input voltages. An auxiliary 16V output is also present to supply small circuits which absorb a maximum current of 20mA.

A very high power factor is obtained thanks to the features of the HVLED001A. Input voltage variations, excessive input voltage (surge or burst overvoltage) or very low input voltages are managed by some of the protections of the HVLED001A, improving the reliability of the application.

The efficiency of the application is very high even at very low load thanks to the improved frequency fold-back feature that also reduces the output voltage ripple at light load. Output short circuit and overload protections are auto-restart for safe operation in lighting environments.

Key features include: Input voltage range of 90- to 305-Vac, 45 to 66 Hz; Output of 48Vdc at 730mA; High power factor and low THD; No-load: power consumption less than 250mW at 230Vin; Full load efficiency of 90%; Short circuit protection with auto restart; meets EN60065; single-sided board measures 130mm x 50mm; and RoHS compliant.