SBE Product Collaborations on Display at PCIM Europe

May 24, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Among numerous product collaborations that will be in their stand, SBE will be displaying leading edge solutions for dc Link applications that have been collaboratively developed with Infineon. Examples include:

Massively Paralleled xHP modules with 1MW capability and industry leading low voltage overshoot. This solution will also be on display at the Infineon booth at PCIM Shanghai 2018. See photo above.

HybridPACK™ Drive solutions for highest power density applications

Dual HybridPACK Drive solutions for 1,000A peak dc current and dual 125kW traction drives using a single 500µF dc link capacitor

PrimePack high density systems for renewable energy converters of 500kW - 1MW

Danfoss - SBE will be participating in multiple technology demonstrator examples of highest power density utilizing advanced Silicon and Silicon Carbide modules. See SBE's enabling DC link technology at the Danfoss Silicon Power Booth 9-327.

Dupont - After announcing its exclusive partnership with Dupont Teijin Films for supply of high temperature PEN HV film (125°C+) for dc link applications at last year's PCIM, SBE has successfully designed in this leading edge technology for customer applications.

There is also an Infineon HybridPACK drive dc link utilizing this film and are shipping validation units from inventory (or as a standard part). Examples of dc link products utilizing PEN HV will be on display at the SBE Booth, and SBE engineers as well as representatives from Dupont Teijin Luxembourg will be available to answer any questions.

Rogers - SBE will be displaying examples of high performance dc link solutions co-developed with Rogers using the ROLINX laminated bus bar solutions.

Amphenol - SBE, Amphenol, and Danfoss collaborated on a high power density dc link solution for SiC high performance traction drives for automotive applications. Come see this on display at the Danfoss Silicon Power Booth 9-327.

"ESL Migration Test Kit" for HVDC, STATCOM, and SVC

SBE is already supplying the "typical" dc link capacitor boxes to this industry using their Power Ring form factor windings. Ranging from 3,000µF to 10,000µF and 2- to 4-kV, the SBE offering provides significantly lower losses thereby increasing the customer's system efficiency.

However, when constrained to the legacy connection systems universally used in this market, the ESL performance cannot be improved. Many customers are attracted to SBE because of the inherent ability of the technology to deliver extremely low ESL when properly connected. As a way to facilitate this low ESL option, especially when evaluating new switch technology and packages under full voltage and power loads, SBE offers the ESL Migration Test kit.

This system is a full scale dc link capacitor which can swap between the legacy connection system and a variety of lower ESL switch module topologies without requiring the removal of the dc link from the converter.