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Westcode Introduces New 6.5kV Phase Control Thyristor For High Power Applications Including Renewable Energy Generators

March 29, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. announced that its wholly owned UK subsidiary, Westcode Semiconductors Ltd., has launched a new 6.5kV phase control thyristor for "mega-watts" power applications. The new device is optimized for low forward conduction loss, has a nominal RMS current rating of 1695A and a surge current rating of 10.5kA. The device is encapsulated in a 47mm (1.85") pole face hermetic pressure contact package using Westcode’s advanced alloy free process.

The company claims that the new phase control device is optimized for very low on-state voltage, when compared to similar devices in the same voltage class, with a forward volt drop of 2.0V at 1000A. The low conduction loss makes the device well suited for line frequency applications such as front-end rectification as well as all controlled rectifier applications up to a few hundred hertz. Other applications for which the device is well suited include: dc drives, load commutated inverters and excitation equipment, power and motor control for electrical trains, high power generators, UPS’s and renewable energy applications, including solar power generators and wind turbine generators.

The optimization of the conduction losses achieves lowest system losses and minimizes the cooling requirements for applications up to 2.3kV line voltage. At higher system voltages, where devices are required to operate in series, Westcode recommends the use of its comprehensive range of medium voltage thyristors, such as the K0769. The new phase control device is also suitable for use in crowbars, particularly for traction, in applications up to 1500Vdc.

The devices are available in two voltage classes and two package options: N0845NC600 & N0845NC650, which are rated at 6.0 & 6.5kV, respectively, and housed in a 26mm (1") thick package and N0845NG600 & N0845NG650, which are rated at 6.0 & 6.5kV, respectively, and housed in a 35mm (1.38") thick package.