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Weekly Power Product Recap

June 24, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

This article highlights new products from ROHM, Mean Well, Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, and MicroPower Direct.

This article showcases products such as synchronous buck regulators, DC/DC Converters, and AC/DC power supplies.



Developed as the 4th update to its 1200V SiC MOSFETs, the new components are optimized for automotive powertrain systems.

Particularly intended for uses with main drive inverters and power supplies for industrial equipment, these MOSFETs try to move ROHM’s portfolio one step closer to improving vehicle efficiency while decreasing the size of the main inverter.

Image used courtesy of ROHM.
Image used courtesy of ROHM.

With a 40% decrease of ON resistance when compared to its predecessor, the new MOSFETs further improve on their original double trench structure while retaining excellent short-circuit withstand time.

According to ROHM, the new component would also feature 50% lower switching loss capabilities than the 3rd Generation, achieved by significantly reducing the gate-drain capacitance (Cgd).

Bare chip samples are already available on ROHM’s website, while discrete packages will be offered in the near future.


Railway DC/DC Converters From Mean Well

Coming in four separate variants, these components are respectively 40W and 60W single output RSDW40/60 devices and dual output RDDW40/60 ones.

Featuring encapsulated on-board modules developed for higher power railway applications, the new DC/DC Converters merge low-profile design (10.5mm height) with a 4:1 wide input voltage range.

Image used courtesy of Mean Well.
Image used courtesy of Mean Well.

The devices also have a wide operating temperature range between -40 and +85℃ and are certified to the EN55032, EAC TP TC004, and the EN50155 railway safety standard.

Commenting on the news, Mean Well said the new components’ features make them ideal for uses with secondary isolation, DC UPS, or battery voltage regulators for applications in the railway and automation industries, among others.

You can check out the converters’ details and datasheet on Mean Well’s website here.



EZBuck Regulators From Alpha & Omega Semiconductor

These new, high switching frequency synchronous buck regulators are designed for a variety of cooler power conversion applications for a variety of consumer and networking equipment.

Image used courtesy of Alpha & Omega Semiconductor.
Image used courtesy of Alpha & Omega Semiconductor.

The AOZ676xDI series features two separate regulators, the AOZ6762DI and AOZ6763DI. While both devices are capable of delivering up to 15W output power, the AOZ6762DI is a 2A device while the AOZ6763DI has a 3A output. Packaged in a 3mm x 3mm DFN 8-lead package with an exposed thermal pad, the new components can achieve > 90% efficiency at full load operation.

To enable system designers to achieve the low standby power required to meet the “One Watt Initiative”, the AOZ676xDI series features a  pulse energy mode (PEM) that allows for o 86% efficiency to be maintained at 10mA load operation.

Interested in buying these components? They are priced at $0.42 for 1,000 pieces for the AOZ6762DI and $0.52 for the AOZ6763DI.



AC/DC Power Modules From MicroPower Direct

This new series of RoHS compliant, miniature 2W AC/DC power supplies are specifically intended for space-saving applications in industrial scenarios.

The six products under the new MPM-02SV family, and operate from a universal input between 85VAC to 305 VAC.

Image used courtesy of MicroPower Direct
Image used courtesy of MicroPower Direct.

The individual power supplies feature single outputs of 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15, or 24 VDC, and can also be used in high voltage DC/DC applications with an input of 120 to 430 VDC.

The  MPM-02SV components also come with a variety of safety features, including tight line/load regulation continuous short circuit & amp; over-voltage protection, and an I/O isolation of 4,000 VAC. They also feature Class II input, meaning they can be used without a connection to an earth ground, and have a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C.

For more information about this new series of power supplies, you can head to the MicroPower Direct website here.


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