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Vicor Announces First 20-Amp 24V ZVS Buck Regulator

January 17, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Vicor has announced the expansion of its family of Cool-Power ZVS buck regulators. The new Cool-Power ZVS (zero-voltage switching) buck, PI3325-00-LGIZ, represents the highest current output ZVS buck to date for 24V/28V applications, providing a regulated 5V output at up to 20A.

Packaged within a 10 x 14 x 2.5mm LGA SiP package, the PI3325-00-LGIZ addresses the continued need for high power density across a growing spectrum of applications.

It also offers pin-for-pin compatibility to a 48V input version ZVS buck, the PI3525-00-LGIZ, enabling designs to be quickly ported from 24 Vin capability to 48 Vin.

The PI3325-00-LGIZ requires only an output inductor and minimal passives for a complete, cost-effective, compact design that consumes less than 740mm2 of PCB real estate.

Higher current is also achievable by parallel operation of the regulator. The PI3325-00-LGIZ represents one regulator within a new portfolio of higher-current 24V ZVS bucks already or soon to be released.

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Vicor’s Cool-Power ZVS regulators deliver more power at higher temperatures than competitive devices, without sacrificing power density or efficiency.

Key attributes to the Cool-Power ZVS regulators’ high performance include zero-voltage switching topology, high silicon integration, and high density LGA SiP packaging. These high performance regulators are also simple to use ensuring designs that achieve first pass design success.