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SatCon Launches 75W, 100 To 135kW PowerGate® Plus Photovoltaic Inverters

May 18, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

SatCon Technology Corp.® announced the launch of its 75W, 100kW & 135kW PowerGate Plus photovoltaic inverters. PowerGate Plus photovoltaic inverters are described as the next generation of PowerGate inverters for commercial and large-scale grid connected photovoltaic power systems. The new 75W, 100kW & 135kW inverter models were fully certified to UL1741-2005 standards and said to have a California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency rating equal to, or exceeding, other models listed on the "CEC list of eligible inverters" as of April 17, 2008.

"These next generation, 75 to 135kW PowerGate Plus inverters began shipment to customers in April, and is the second launch of a new series of inverters that have been designed for high-efficiency, improved energy harvesting, and long-life," stated Clemens van Zeyl, President of SatCon’s Power System Division. "These inverters have also been designed for ease of manufacture and maintenance, which will significantly increase our manufacturing capacity, reduce our lead-times, and reduce operating costs for our customers. We are pleased to have these inverters available in the marketplace prior to the busy season in the USA, thereby adding additional value to our customers at a critical time of the year."

PowerGate inverters are designed for use with alternative and renewable energy power systems to generate distributed electrical power. Distributed, alternative and renewable energy power generation is said to be a growing trend toward the production of clean, reliable power at the point of use.

The PowerGate Inverter, named PowerGate Plus, incorporates many of the features of the original inverter plus several improvements that are said to add further value to photovoltaic power systems. The 30kW & 50kW series was launched in February of 2008, and the 75W, 100kW & 135kW series in April of 2008. It is claimed that these PowerGate Plus inverters utilize a proprietary enclosure constructed from long-life G90 galvanized steel, the latest advanced digital signal processing control, and an advanced human machine interface (HMI) with display visible in sunlight and membrane keypad for easy identification of power system status and inverter setup.