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Reliable Under All Conditions: MORNSUN’s AC-DC 305RAC Family

June 05, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

The MORNSUN "305RAC (Reliable under All Conditions)" series can be understood that the input voltage range is 85-305VAC.

New requirements for AC/DC power supplies continue to emerge in the changing market, and conventional 264V input AC/DC power supplies have been difficult to meet all conditions. The MORNSUN "305RAC (Reliable under All Conditions)" series can be understood that the input voltage range is 85-305VAC, and it handles the voltage fluctuation easily and features best-in-class performance, high-input-voltage capability, high-low-temperature reliability, high-humidity reliability, high-altitude reliability and good EMC performance under almost any harsh conditions.

Figure 1 Image courtesy of MORNSUN
Figure 1 Image courtesy of MORNSUN

1. Take voltage fluctuation conditions as an example. Voltage of the power grid is over 264VAC during off-peak hours, and voltage fluctuates is large when powered by generator, the electrolytic capacitor inside the power supply may be damaged. The input voltage of 85-305VAC ensures that the module is not damaged by the voltage fluctuation of the power grid.

Figure 2 Image courtesy of MORNSUN


2. Electromagnetic interference conditions such as lightning and surge, the 305RAC family can withstand transient surge impact. At the same time, its EMI has been tested to meet Class A/B standards, and a certain margin is left.

Figure 3 Image courtesy of MORNSUN

3. AC/DC power supplies are also often used in remote and harsh environments, the altitude may exceed 2000m or even 5000m. The 305RAC family has passed a series of tests to verify reliable operation in high altitude environment, such as high-temperature altitude test, low-temperature altitude test, aging test, etc.

4. In addition to the above application conditions, for humidity, the 305RAC family have passed relevant tests, such as alternating temperature & humidity test, high temperature and high humidity test, constant temperature & humidity test, etc.


Types Test Test
Reliability Testing Low Temperature Working Thermal Shock
Low Temperature Storage Low temperature altitude
High temperature working High temperature low pressure
High temperature aging High temperature altitude
High temperature storage High temperature high humidity
Constant temperature & humidity Input ON/OFF
Alternating temperature & humidity Short-circuit for long time
Drop test Constant humidity and temperature(500h)
Sine vibration high-temperature aging(1000h)
Temperature cycling  
Structural Testing Strength test of the terminal and
the mounting device


5. Temperature is also a common indicator. The temperature of ordinary industrial environment is - 25℃~+70℃, but the high and low temperature are more severe in some harsh environments. The 305RAC family can meet the requirements of reliableoperation in the working environment temperature of - 40℃~+80℃.



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