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Pure Energy & Powercast Sign MOU For Unique Wireless Power System

May 21, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Pure Energy Visions Corp. and Powercast Corp. announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding ("MOU") to jointly work together to develop and market what is described as a unique wireless power system that combines Powercast’s Remote Power Technology and Pure Energy’s Rechargeable Alkaline battery technology.

Powercast is involved in the development and commercialization of wireless power technologies. Powercast’s Remote Power Technology is designed for low power applications that make use of Radio Frequency ("RF") energy. The RF energy is broadcast from a device called a Powercaster™ Module that plugs into the wall. Under the MOU, Pure Energy and Powercast will work together to integrate Powercast’s patented receiver technology (Powerharvester™ Module) and Pure Energy’s Rechargeable Alkaline technology into a variety of portable electric devices. When the device, such as a computer mouse, is in range of the Powercaster™, the receiver converts the radio waves into dc energy that charges the battery and in turn powers the device. In examples such as a wireless computer mouse, the product would last for several years without requiring new batteries. This wireless technology is well suited for applications such as wireless data terminals, wireless keyboards/mice, flashlights, lighting, MP3 players, phones, remote controls, toys, wireless headsets, medical devices, and industrial/military devices.

Following extensive lab and field testing using several battery technologies, Powercast concluded that Pure Energy’s Rechargeable Alkaline battery technology is the "ideal" rechargeable battery for Powercast’s Remote Power Technology. Using 2 AA Pure Energy Rechargeable Alkaline batteries and their Remote Power Technology, Powercast successfully operated a temperature/humidity sensor at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium for the duration of a one year test, as compared to using single-use alkaline batteries which were required to be replaced every few weeks.

"We are very excited at the compatibility of Pure Energy’s Rechargeable Alkaline battery technology with Powercast wireless power capabilities, as it applies to a wide range of consumer and commercial electronic power applications," stated John Shearer, CEO and Founder of Powercast. "These two technologies are very complementary in the ability to provide a highly differentiated rechargeable power solution."

Pure Energy is involved in developing and commercializing energy storage technologies for the international retail and OEM battery markets. The company’s proprietary Rechargeable Alkaline technology is sold in over 12 countries through a number of leading retailers and OEMs. Pure Energy’s Rechargeable Alkaline batteries are currently used in wireless computer keyboards and mice as well as solar garden lights, solar clocks and smoke detectors.

"Integrating our Rechargeable Alkaline batteries with Powercast’s remote power capabilities will further enhance Pure Energy’s portfolio of rechargeable solutions," stated Paul Simmonds, Pure Energy’s President & CEO. "The ability to remove cords and connectors from the process of recharging batteries improves consumer convenience and electronic reliability."