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PULS 40A DC UPS Controller for Smart Diagnosis and Battery Condition Monitoring

January 17, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

This article highlights of PULS UB40.241 40A rated DIN-Rail mounted controller for uninterruptible power supply systems.

PULS Power, the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN-Rail power supplies, announces the availability of their new UB40.241 40A rated DIN-Rail mounted controller for uninterruptible power supply systems. The new model is now the most powerful UPS controller in PULS’s range which already includes a variety of models currently providing up to 20A capacity. In combination with a 24Vdc power supply and an external battery pack it enables the reliable bridging of power failures and voltage fluctuations. This can prevent system damage, costly downtime, time-consuming restarts, and the loss of critical data.


Image courtesy of PULS power
Image courtesy of PULS power

Applications include SMART buildings and factories, Industry 4.0, security and CCTV, instrumentation and measuring systems.

While the system power supply provides sufficient voltage the DC-UPS controller will charge the battery bank. Should the supply voltage suddenly fail, the energy stored in the battery is released to the DC bus in a regulated process.

A unique feature of the UB series is the PULS 1-Battery concept. To ensure the longest possible battery life, each 12V battery is charged and monitored separately. This smart function eliminates the need to match batteries.

The UB40.241 allows precise charging, testing and optimised usage of the battery capacity.

The control unit can be combined with different battery sizes from 12Ah to 200Ah with a selector on the front of the device making it easy to adjust it to the corresponding battery size. Power output is decoupled from the input to provide separate circuits for buffered and non-buffered loads.

The UB40.241 has various battery diagnostic functions including an early pre-warning signal when the battery is low. This ensures safe and reliable operation of the entire system. Battery charging is temperature-controlled which also has a positive effect on the battery life. It also features a selectable buffer time limiter as well as signal contacts for system "Ready", "Buffering" and "Replace battery". For safety and maintenance reasons, an inhibit-input signal is included to enable phases without enforced buffering.

The PULS UB40.241 has an operating temperature range from -25°C to +70°C, 50% extra output power for up to 5s, has fully international safety agency approvals and a 3-year warranty.

Marco van der Linden, UK Country Manager for PULS Power, comments,” Our new DC UPS controller doubles the amount of emergency power we can now offer systems designers and integrators ensuring maximum reliability and flexibility to protect critical loads while allowing the use of a comprehensive range of batteries with smart diagnosis and monitoring of battery condition.”


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