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Power Product Recap

May 05, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

This article highlights the recap showcases products from Tektronix, Infineon, Mean Well, STMicroelectronics, and TDK.

This week’s product roundup includes a variety of products including new oscilloscopes, current limiters, and dual inductors.


TBS2000B Oscilloscopes From Tektronix

Building on the TBS2000 success, these new Oscilloscopes were designed for both engineers and educators.


TBS2000B Oscilloscopes From Tektronix
Image courtesy of Tektronix.

Featuring a 200 Mhz with 2GS/s maximum sample rate, the TBS2000B devices come with a 9-inch display and 15 horizontal divisions for maximized signal visibility.

Through its TekVPI probe interface, the oscilloscope supports several active, differential, and current probes with automatic scaling and units.

The device also has a field-upgradable bandwidth from 70MHz to 100MHz to 200MHz.

The new TBS2000B oscilloscopes from Tektronix features extended connectivity with Wi-Fi support (via USB Wi-Fi dongle), 2 USB host ports, and 100-BaseT Ethernet.

The device modules are already available worldwide and are priced (in the US) starting from $1,370.


CoolMOS CFD7A Superjunction MOSFETs From Infineon

Designed to be utilized in electro-mobility applications, these silicon-based products are ideal for both the PFC and the DC-DC stage of on-board charger systems, as well as HV-LV DC-DC converters.


CoolMOS CFD7A Superjunction MOSFETs From Infineon
Image courtesy of Infineon.

Compatible with system voltages up to 475 V DC, the CoolMOS CFD7A feature higher efficiency levels thanks to their Kelvin-source concept capable of reaching peak efficiency levels up to 98.4 percent.

This also translates to higher switching frequencies with low gate losses, which in turn allows for more power-dense and compact designs.

Infineon has tested the new MOSFETS with the company’s D²PAK 7-pin package, showcasing not only enhanced efficiency but also excellent results connected with thermal behavior and extended creepage distances.


SKMW06/DKMW06 Converters from MEAN WELL

These components were built explicitly to fulfill low power requirements for 1”x1” converters.

The SKMW06 has a 6W single output, while the DKMW06 a double output, but other than that the devices share the same specifications.


SKMW06/DKMW06 Converters from MEAN WELL
Image courtesy of MEAN WELL.


Both have a standardized pin-out, miniaturized size, 4:1 wide input voltage range, and ultra-wide operating temperature range (-40~+85°C).

They also meet N55032 Class A EMI performance without external components, featuring 1500VDC input-output isolation.

Because of these specifications, the SKMW06/DKMW06 converters are well-suited for industrial control, distributed power architecture, electrical panels, and transportation applications.

You can check out all the variants of these converters on Mean Well’s website.


RHRPMICL1A Integrated Current Limiter From STMicroelectronics

Developed in conjunction with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), this integrated current limiter (ICL) was built on an ESA’s concept of harmonizing and miniaturizing functionalities present in satellites.


RHRPMICL1A Integrated Current Limiter From STMicroelectronics
Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics.


Because of this, the radiation-hardened (rad-hard) ICL is designed to prevent power surges and overloads from damaging electronic equipment operated in space.

This goal is achieved by integrating the functions of a latch-up current limiter and solid-state power switch (SSP) in a single device.

Configurable to be utilized in different applications, the ICL’s load is managed through an external P-Channel MOSFET.

The HRPM CL1A is also compatible with all bus voltages and has a floating-ground configuration and Zener diode that allows the device’s flexibility to potentially handle higher bus voltages.

The ICL is already available in an array of different versions, all of which you can in the product’s datasheet here.


B82477D6 Inductors From TDK

This series of seven separate inductors cover an inductance range from 2 x 3.9 µH to 2 x 47 µH and is designed for maximum rated currents from 2.83 A to 7.05 A.


B82477D6 Inductors From TDK


These AEC-Q200-certified devices are also compatible with RoHS, featuring a high saturation current of up to 16.1 A.

The devices are magnetically shielded and are built for compact applications, with dimensions of just 12.5 x 12.5 x 10.5 mm3.

Designed to withstand temperatures between -55°C to +150 °C, the inductors also offer coupling factors from 97 to 99 percent.

When it comes to applications, TDK said these inductors could have multiple ones. They could be used as coupled inductors in SEPIC (Single-Ended Primary Inductance Converter) or 1:1 transformers in flyback topologies.

They could also be deployed as a common-mode inductor in power supply lines, as the isolation voltage between the two windings is >500 V.

What new and interesting power products did you see on the market last week? Share your thoughts in the comments below.