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Portable BESS and Remote Monitoring Cloud Service

October 11, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

ELIIY Power Co., Ltd. has released the POWER YIILE 3 portable battery energy storage system (BESS) on September 1, 2016. It also announced the launch of a new service ELIIY CLOUD. The new POWER YIILE 3 PPS-30 has a capacity of 2.5kWh and a rated output power of 1.5kVA / 1.4kW. It is specified to operate from -10 to +40 degrees C and measures W 320 x D 585 x H 514 (mm). These 52kg units have an operating noise of 38 dB or less.

This product is the third generation model of ELIIY Power’s portable electricity storage systems, which has been manufactured since 2010. It was developed as a tenth anniversary model that gives special priority to functionality, design, and usability. The new model incorporates the culmination of ELIIY Power’s experience with the record of delivering a cumulative total of more than 10,000 units and the feedback from customers.

The new ELIIY CLOUD service is an online service offered to corporate and personal users. It features the cloud technology nurtured with the GOANSHIN service, which is a remote monitoring function incorporated in the first-generation and later models in the POWER YIILE Series. It makes it easy for users to operate their electricity storage system do things such as change modes.

It also allows users to view the electricity storage ratio, the electric power log, and other information on their smartphone or tablet. With the addition of this model, ELIIY Power’s electricity storage systems will evolve into a platform that provides the functions necessary for the deregulation of the electric utility market and virtual power plants (VPPs).

All large-size lithium-ion electricity storage battery cells included in each of ELIIY’s electricity storage systems are manufactured at the company’s fully-autommated plant in Kawasaki Japan. Olivine-type lithium iron phosphate, which offers superior safety, is used as a material for cathode. ELLIY’s lithium-ion electricity storage batteries are the first of their type in the world to have passed international certification organization TÜV Rheinland’s product safety test.

In the event of a loss of function with the battery management unit (BMU), ELIIY batteries are safe even if punctured with a needle (internal short-circuit), crushed, or overcharged, there is no risk of thermal runaway and they do not catch fire. What’s more, they offer an extended lifespan: even if charged and recharged repeatedly for 10 years (approximately 12,000 times), they will retain 80.1% of their electricity storage capacity. (Estimated value assuming 23 degrees C room temperature and three full charge and recharge cycles per day (depth of discharge (DOD) = 100%).

Electric power charges are expected to surge in the future. A rapidly growing percentage of companies are introducing electricity storage systems as a solution for business continuity planning (BCP) in the corporate sector, while in the household sector many people are introducing these systems as a means for emergency power supply and a move towards zero energy houses (ZEH). Storage batteries will be indispensable to the sustainable society that will emerge in the future, and will play a vital role in renewable energy, the deregulation of the power utility market, the VPP concept, the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, and distributed electric power generation.