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Panasonic Introduces ZKU Series Hybrid Capacitor

February 18, 2020 by Panasonic Industry Europe

The ZKU Series is a further step in the miniaturization of components

Hybrid capacitor‘s ZKU Series is a further step in miniaturization of components, e.g. Ø10xL10.2mm to Ø8xL10.2mm at the same capacitance level. In addition to smaller space requirements, ZKU offers a high endurance rating of 4000 hours @ 125°C and large capacitance values of 39µF up to 560µF. The operating temperature range is -55°C up to +125°C. Being AEC-Q200 compliant ensures optimal quality and reliability.




  • Less board space by reduction of necessary number and size of capacitors
  • 30g vibration-proof types available
  • Large capacitance
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • 39µF up to 560µF
  • Endurance rating 4000 hours @ 125°C
  • Operating temperature -55 to + 125°C
  • Rated voltage 25VDC / 35VDC
  • Low ESR, down to 20mΩ
  • High ripple current, up to 2.8Arms



  • Electrical control unit (ECU)
  • AC/DC, DC/DC converter
  • E-scooter, E-bike
  • Robot
  • Control
  • Inverter for power generation
  • Rectifier for power generation
  • Power supply