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Minmax Launches a series of Encapsulated 60W DC-DC Power Modules

October 07, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

Operating from 80-160 VDC inputs, the new series provide single and dual outputs ranging from 5 to 48 VDC

Encapsulated in plastic cases, members of the MRA60C series are chassis mounted and can also be ordered with provision for DIN-Rail Mounting.


Minmax’s MRA60C series of DC-DC power modules.
Minmax’s MRA60C series of DC-DC power modules. Image courtesy of MinMax


The new units make up a family of nine members in total. All units work from input voltage range of 80 to 160 VDC, with output power of 60 watts at efficiencies ranging from 88% to 89%. The six single output devices provide 5, 5.1, 12, 15 24 or 48 VDC. The three dual output units provide ±12, ±15 or ±24 VDC, with 30 watts going into each plus or minus output.

The units provide I/O Isolation 3000VAC with reinforced insulation, rated for 1000 VRMS working voltage.


Output Protection and Regulation

Members of the MRA60C series feature hiccup mode overload protection, hitting at 180% maximum, and 150% minimum. Input under-voltage shutdown at 65 VDC (min) and 78 VDC (typ). Maximum start-up threshold voltage is 80 VDC.

Short circuit protection is continuous with auto-recovery. Output over-voltage protection kicks in at about 25% above the specified output voltage. There are no minimum load requirements, and remote on/off control is featured. Start-up time is 30 ms (typ) and 60 ms (max).

Typical output voltage accuracy is ±1%. Typical line and load regulation are ±0.25 and ±0.5%, respectively.

For the dual output members of the series, maximum output voltage balance variation is ±2.0%, assuming balanced loads.

Ripple and noise (Maximum) at 20 MHz are:

  • 5V and 5.1V output versions: 100 mV peak-to-peak
  • ±24V and 48V output versions: 200 mV peak-to-peak
  • All other models: 150 mV peak-to-peak 


Other key specifications

The 5 and 5.1 output voltage versions switch a typical frequency of 180 kHz; the figure is 220 kHz for the other seven models.

All units feature an internal Pi type input filter.

Minimum I/O isolation resistance and maximum isolation capacitance are 1,000 MΩ and 3,000 pF, respectively,


Specifications for the nine members of the series.

Specifications for the nine members of the series. Image courtesy of MRA60C Series Data Sheet



The electrical specifications of the members of this series of DC-DC power modules, as well as their solid terminal strips and DIN rail mounting capability, makes them suitable for electrical and renewable energy field applications. 


Regulatory Approval

International standards adhered to include:

  • EMI Emission EN 55032 Class A 
  • EMC Immunity EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8
  • UL/cUL/IEC/EN 62368-1 Safety Approval & CE Marking 


Physical Characteristics

Members of the MRA60C series can operate over a temperature range of -40 to +90.5℃.

The case size for members of the MRA60C series is 4.41 x 2.67 x 1.50 in., and the weight is 12.45 ounces. The case material is plastic resin with flammability rated to UL 94V-0.


About Minmax

Minmax was founded in 1990 and is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of DC-DC converters & AC-DC Power Supplies for ITE, Railway, Renewable Energy and Medical Applications.