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MGE UPS Intros Topaz S4 DC/AC Inverter

March 08, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

MGE UPS Systems (Costa Mesa, CA) introduced its new scalable N+1 dc/ac Topaz S4 inverter, which increases reliability and availability of ac power systems for mission-critical telecom and data applications. Delivering six nine’s of reliability, the new S4 inverter is a scalable solution specifically designed to meet the power requirements of central offices, wireless base stations and ultra-critical servers. The S4 inverter system is designed to meet the NEBS standards, critical for telecom switches and other zero-downtime applications.

The -48Vdc S4 inverter offers paralleled synchronized operation while its N+1 redundancy is achieved with two or more units connected in parallel. In addition, to avoid any single points of failure, the compact dc/ac inverter uses redundant power modules, which are hot-swappable within its “fast-swap” rack-mountable receiver cabinet. Its user-selectable voltages and frequencies allow for greater system flexibility, suitable for international applications and mid-level IT and telecom data center applications.

The rack-mount inverters are scalable from 3.5kVA up to 21kVA in a N+1 configuration, and features three independent layers of redundancy into the S4. N+1 inverter assemblies, dual-independent microcontrollers and an integrated static transfer switch provide uninterrupted performance. In addition, to minimize noise in large telecom battery plants, the S4 features a high-grade noise filter, which limits ripple current on the battery and ensures that radiated and conducted EMI meet strict industry standards. For maximum ac distribution, the ac distribution panel accommodates 20 single-pole breakers and is available in 120Vac and 240Vac versions. The Topaz S4 inverter is specifically designed to meet the rigors of the Network Equipment

Building Standards standard, and also meets UL, CSA CE, TUV and FCC Class A agency approvals.

Available now, the Topaz S4 inverter is priced at $8,277 for the 3.5kVA system.