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Magnetics Kool M H Powder Cores Lowest Losses at High Frequencies

December 09, 2019 by Magnetics

This article features Magnetics Kool Mµ Hf superior efficient and inductors with the lowest losses at high frequency and DC bias under current loading.

For designers targeting superior efficiency and who need inductors with the lowest losses at high frequency, Magnetics has developed a breakthrough powder alloy material: Kool Mµ® Hƒ. Kool Mµ Hƒ is a sendust powder alloy similar to Kool Mµ®, Magnetics’ economical power inductor material, and Kool Mµ® MAX, which offers superior DC bias under current loading. With the availability of Kool Mµ Hƒ, engineers have a third option when considering a Kool Mµ core inductor, an option which optimizes for best AC core loss at any frequency.  


Magnetics Kool MuHf Product Image


Kool Mµ Hƒ was derived from the growing need for efficient power inductors in GaN and SiC power supplies. Although customer demand influenced a target operating range of 200-500 kHz, Kool Mµ Hƒ losses are dramatically improved at all frequencies.  Kool Mµ Hƒ displays improved losses as high as 2-3 MHz for high-efficiency inductors while matching MPP (molypermalloy powder) losses at traditional lower frequencies (20-200 kHz). Therefore, Kool Mµ Hƒ can be attractive for any high-efficiency power supply design, not only those using GaN and SiC switching at high frequency.

Kool Mµ Hf is currently available in permeabilities of 26 and 60 and in standard toroid sizes up to 40 mm diameter. Additional permeabilities and larger cores are in development for release later this year.  AL values, dimensions, coatings, and dielectric guarantees for Kool Mµ Hƒ are the same as both Kool Mµ and Kool Mµ MAX. For more information, visit Kool Mu HF Cores.


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