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Intersil Announces Industry’s First 30A Fully-Encapsulated Power Module

December 03, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Intersil Corporation announced the ISL8225M, the industry's first 30A fully-encapsulated power module. The ISL8225M features the industry's highest power density and dramatically simplifies the design of high-performance board-mounted power solutions. The ISL8225M can deliver up to 100W output power from a small 17mm square PCB footprint. The two 15A outputs may be used independently or combined to deliver a single 30A output. Current sharing and phase interleaving allow up to six modules to be paralleled for 180A output capability.

Excellent efficiency and low thermal resistance permit full power operation without heat sinks or fans. The superior efficiency of the ISL8225M's power train and the excellent thermal conductivity of the QFN package means the device generates less heat then competitive encapsulated modules, and is better able to move the heat that is generated out of the package. This means the ISL8225 can supply higher power levels than competitive devices at higher ambient temperatures.

In many applications the ISL8225M can operate without forced airflow and without external heatsinks. This is a significant advantage to the designer of sealed boxes or systems where board height limitations will not allow mounting of top side heat sinks. If heat sinks are an option, or if a system already includes airflow, the use of Intersil modules gives the designer more flexibility to locate the modules in areas that have restricted airflow, or to get significantly more power out of the same board area when operated in the same airflow environment of competitive solutions.

Intersil's encapsulated power-module technology offers a beneficial combination of next-generation package technology and high performance converter performance. The ISL8225M allows a board designer with limited power design expertise to implement a dense, rugged, high performance converter with a minimum of design effort.

Designing a high-performance board-mounted power supply has never been simpler -- only a few external components are needed to create a very dense and reliable power solution. And the QFN package with external leads permits easy probing and visual solder inspection.

The ISL8225M is currently available in a 17mm x 17mm QFN package with prices starting at $48.85 each in 500-unit quantities.