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Fuji Electric Grows its Offering of IGBT-based Intelligent Power Modules 

October 11, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

Fugi has added two 50 watt and two 75 watt devices to it’s 7th-Generation X-Series Portfolio.

The four new Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) include control ICs to provide insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) drive and protection circuitry. These units can greatly simplify the task of designing peripheral circuitry and ultimately lead to higher system reliability. 

The new 650 volt series is dubbed the P642. They expand upon the 600 volt P663A line, which are 600 volt devices for 15 and 35 amps. All members of both lines provide protection against short circuit, over-current and transmit the relevant alarms to the control circuitry. Input interface is TTL (3.3/5V), active high logic.

Package IC Amps. 600V
P633A 15 6MBP15XSD060-50
15 6MBP15XSD060-50
20 6MBP20XSD060-50
20 6MBP20XSD060-50
30 6MBP30XSD060-50
30 6MBP30XSD060-50
35 6MBP35XSD060-50
35 6MBP35XSD060-50
P642 50 6MBP50XTA065-50
50 6MBP50XTA065-50
75 6MBP75XTC065-50
75 6MBP75XTC065-50
The P633 and P642 lines of IPMs. Modified image courtesy of Fuji


The reader will also note that Fuji’s 6th generation of IPMs includes 1200 volt as well as 600V devices. As per James Usack, Division General Manager Electronic Devices Division, “Fuji Electric continues to expand our offering in the dual-in-line small IPM market and the new P642 series is our latest offering expanding our range to 75A” 


Other Switching Elements Can Form the Basis of IPMs

The actual power switching component of an IPM doesn’t have to be an IGBT, it can also be a bipolar junction transistor or a MOSFET. 


Image courtesy of EEPower
Image courtesy of EEPower


As the diagram indicates, IGBT’s have the two key advantages of simple gate drive circuitry and lower power losses. This accounts for the IGBT’s increasing popularity with manufacturers. 


Specifics of the P642 Line of IPMs

The two major subsections of these devices are the inverter block, which does the actual job of controlling tens of amps of current, and the devices’ internal control circuit block. As the reader can see in the diagram below, the unit seems to divide itself between the two apparent vertical blocks.


Typical application circuit for the 642 IPM Modules. Image courtesy of the 6MBP75XTC065-50 Data Sheet
Typical application circuit for the 642 IPM Modules. Image courtesy of the 6MBP75XTC065-50 Data Sheet


Absolute Maximums

For all units

DC bus voltage 450 volts, and 500 volts surge. Collector-Emitter voltage 650 volts.


For the 6MBP50XTA065-50 and the 6MBP50XTC065-50

Collector current and peak collector current are 50 and 100 Amps, respectively.

Collector and FWD power dissipation are 132 and 89 watts, respectively.


For the 6MBP75XTA065-50 and the 6MBP75XTC065-50

Collector current and peak collector current are 75 and 150 Amps, respectively.

Collector and FWD power dissipation are 162 and 125 watts, respectively.


Other Important Specifications

  • Recommended DC bus voltage is 300 volts
  • Maximum pulse width modulated input frequency is 20 kHz.
  • The isolation voltage is 2500 VRMS.


Overheating Protection within the P642 Series

The 6MBP50XTC065-50 and the 6MBP75XTC065-50 provide for overheating protection (TOH)  and for TOH hysteresis. Typical values are 143℃  and 10℃, respectively.



The members of the new 642 series are aimed at three-phase inverter drives used for low power AC motors. Such motors may be found in compressors used in heat pumps, ventilators and air conditioners.


Environmental and Physical Characteristics 

  • The new IPMs are compatible with EU RoHS Directive. 
  • They operate over a temperature range of -40 to +125℃
  • They measure 79.0 x 31.0 mm and weigh 37 grams


About Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric is a Japanese electrical equipment company, manufacturing pressure transmitters, flowmeters, gas analyzers, controllers, inverters, pumps, generators, ICs, motors, and power equipment.