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EPC Expands its Growing Line of eGaN FETs with New 80V and 200V devices

July 07, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

Both N-Channel devices feature a source-drain recovery charge (QRR) of zero and a very low total gate charge (QG).

With yet another new pair of enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) power FETs, EPC continues its mission of championing this fast, efficient technology over yesteryear’s MOSFET devices.

EPC’s latest eGaN FETS, the EPC2065, and EPC2054. Image courtesy of EPC

Readers of these pages will note that scarcely a week goes by without new eGaNs being offered by EPC. As designers become more and more familiar with this exciting technology, it is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for many power-related applications. The technology offers low RDS(ON),  exceptionally low QG, and zero QRR, resulting in devices that can handle applications demanding high switching frequencies, low on-time, and low on-state losses.

As stated by Alex Lidow, EPC’s co-founder and CEO, “With the clear superiority of these new eGaN FETs, power system designers can take advantage of devices that are higher performing, smaller, more thermally efficient, and at a comparable cost. The displacement of the power MOSFET with GaN devices continues to accelerate.” 


The EPC2065

The EPC2065 is sized at 7.1 mm2 and features a continuous drain-to-source voltage (VDS) of 80 volts. The maximum continuous current (ID) is 60 amps, and it can also handle 300 µsec pulses of 215 amps. Typical RDS(ON) is 2.7 mΩ.


Dynamic Characteristics (typical):

  • Input capacitance: Ciss = 1097 pF
  • Reverse transfer capacitance Crss =  8.9 pF
  • Output capacitance Coss = 534 pF
  • Total gate charge Qg =  9.4 nC
  • Gate-to-Source Charge Qgs = 2.6 nC
  • Gate-to-Drain Charge Qgd = 1.7 nC
  • Gate Charge at Threshold Qg(th) = 2.0 nc
  • Output charge Qoss =  33 nC


The EPC2054

The EPC2054 is a 200-volt eGaN FET with a typical RDS(ON) of 32 mΩ. The device is available in a  1.69 mm2 chip-scale package. The device can deliver 32 A pulsed current (300 µs pulses) and handles 3 amps on a continuous basis.


Dynamic Characteristics (typical):

  • Input capacitance: Ciss = 358 pF
  • Reverse transfer capacitance Crss = 0.3 pF
  • Output capacitance Coss = 89 pF
  • Total gate charge Qg = 2.9 nC
  • Gate-to-Source Charge Qgs = 0.9 nC
  • Gate-to-Drain Charge Qgd = 0.3 nC
  • Gate Charge at Threshold g(th) = 0.7 nc
  • Output charge Qoss = 15 nC


Applications for the EPC2065

  • 32 to 48V BLDC motor drive applications
  • DC-DC converters
  • Point of load (POL) converters
  • Synchronous rectification for AC/DC and DC/DC. 
  • Robots
  • Drones
  • escooters and ebikes


Applications for the EPC2054

  • Lidar/ToF applications
  • High frequency DC/DC conversion
  • High Frequency Hard-Switching and
  • Soft-Switching Circuits
  • Wireless power transfer
  • Solar applications 


Physical Considerations

  • The EPC2065 is sized at 3.5  x 1.95 mm. It is available in passivated die form with solder bars 
  • The EPC2054 is also available in passivated die form. It features solder bumps and is sized at 1.3 mm2 
  • The units operate over a –40 to +150°C temperature range


Environmental Considerations

Both of the new eGaN FETS are:

  • RoHS compliant
  • Halogen free