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Eltek Valere Offers Green Power System For 3/4G & WiMAX Networks

April 01, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Eltek Valere announced a family of high-efficiency (HE) ac-dc power systems for cellular and WiMAX telecom networks that the company claims can reduce power consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and electricity-related operating expenses.

Available in 150, 300, 600 and 1200A versions, the new Flatpack2 Power Systems are available for all size wireless network locations from base stations to central wireless switching offices. Flatpack2 Power Systems are based on Eltek Valere’s new Flatpack2 HE rectifier, a 2,000W, -48V rectifier that is said to offer 96% power conversion efficiency. At that level, the company claims that the rectifier has the potential to reduce power loss from 1,500 kWh per year to 750 kWhl.

"The Flatpack2 is a great piece of power engineering – giving wireless carriers everything they need in a system from economical operation to fast and flexible load connections," said Greg Fasullo, Eltek Valere Chief Marketing Officer. "At 96% efficiency, this system sets a new industry standard – one that I hope competitors follow so that the true environmental benefits will be widespread."

All systems include what is described as an innovative distribution bus that allows flexible distribution of power out to networking equipment (load). The system also has multiple power buses that can be used for priority and non-priority equipment, allowing the carrier to shed the load of non-priority equipment to extend the battery life in the event of a power outage. The systems are available with 24 and 48V outputs to support a wide range of wireless equipment.

The Smartpack controller built into the Flatpack2 Power Systems delivers local and remote system and battery string management along with fault detection and full system configuration all through a Web browser-based management system.

All Flatpack2 Power Systems are now available in both 24 and 48V voltage levels, and are both UL and NEBS certified. The new system is compatible with both Eltek Valere’s legacy Flatpack2 rectifiers and its new Flatpack2 HE rectifiers.