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Dranetz-BMI Offers Portable Data Acquisition Tool

January 08, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Dranetz-BMI has introduced the MeasuringPAD™, its new portable data acquisition instrument, to the worldwide market. This hand-held instrument is designed for use in a wide range of manufacturing, laboratory, plant operations and quality control applications.

Configured and operated through a graphical interface, MeasuringPAD provides live readout of up to 16 different analog inputs and up to eight logic-level digital inputs. As numerical measurements are monitored for exact conformance to user-entered set points, the vivid color-coded status display allows you size up your test or process at a glance.

Rapidly collecting, monitoring and displaying multiple sensor inputs, MeasuringPAD is ideal for troubleshooting, process tuning, fault recording, trend analysis and much more. Convenient input "pods" allow fast and easy hookup of machine- or process-dedicated sensors. Up to eight internal cross-channel math calculations can also be set up to display and monitor additional process variables such as horsepower, efficiency and corrected flow.

The MeasuringPAD provides versatility in a 4-pound unit equipped with a color touch screen, automated setup system with self-discoverable pods and a range of interchangeable memory cards. Multi-channel display options include bar graph, trending up to four time-plotting parameters and oscilloscope view.