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Diodes Inc. Expands Standard Linear Product Line With Microprocessor Supervisory and Reset IC Products

January 02, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Diodes Inc. announced the launch of a product family of Microprocessor Supervisory and Reset ICs. This new product family provides all the critical circuit functions necessary to ensure the continuous monitoring of microprocessor and micro-controller based systems, such as computers, intelligent instruments and portable battery-powered devices. The new products include features such as a power-on reset generator, manual reset input and watchdog timer.

"This product expansion continues to leverage the synergy between our high-volume packaging and our standard linear IC technology to provide higher average selling prices and improved product mix," commented Mark King, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing of Diodes Inc. "This is a continuation of our strategy to focus our expansion on commodity analog products to better serve the needs of our diversified customer base."

APX809 and APX810 are microprocessor (micro P) supervisory circuits used to monitor the power supply in a microprocessor-based system. Their main function is to reset the microprocessor when the power supply falls below a pre-designated threshold that is critical to maintaining the systems’ integrity, accuracy and reliability during power-up, power-down, re-start, sleep mode and power outages.

APX823, APX824 and APX825 are microprocessor (micro P) supervisory circuits with additional functions, such as manual reset and watchdog timer to support higher-end electronic digital systems in controlling software and multiple power supplies.

With a wide input voltage range from 1.1 to 6V and very low-power consumption that extends operations in battery-powered electronic devices, Diodes’ new supervisory and reset circuits are targeted at a broad market segment, from desktop computers to battery-powered devices.