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Collapsible Portable Wind Turbines

December 02, 2014 by Power Pulse1595211359

WindPax, Inc. has introduced a line of collapsible, portable, rugged wind turbine technologies. These wind turbines are energy producing, energy storage devices based on WindPax innovative designs. The current WindPax line consists of three wind turbine sizes with various power ratings. These three sizes meet the energy needs of those around the world who do not have access to grid power. These unique wind turbines produce 25W, 100W and 400W, respectively

The “Wisp” is power on the go or backup power supply in emergency situations. It is a 25-Watt unit used to power and charge small electronic devices or run LED lighting. The “Wisp” delivers power to any electronic device that uses standard USB for operation. With a packaged length of 14″, a diameter of 3″, and a total weight of less than 4 pounds; it can easily be transported in a backpack or bag.

The Breeze is designed for small villages and campsites. The “Breeze” is a slightly larger unit with a similar design to the “Wisp”. The Breeze is a 100-Watt unit that is used to charge and supply power via a standard 12 volt outlet and standard USB. With a packaged length of 22″ and a diameter of 5″ the Breeze can easily be transported and stored. The “Cyclone” is the largest of the WindPax line at 400 Watts and utilizes a slightly different design. It is primarily used as a village power station or power source for multiple applications. The “Cyclone” can also be easily collapsed and transported when needed.

WindPax use durable, light-weight materials for construction and have the benefit of generating and storing electrical power in remote locations and transported with ease to satisfy the needs of the user. WindPax wind turbine technologies are different in that a method for producing efficient functional small scale wind turbines for transportation and remote use has not been an easy task. With the patent pending design, WindPax has perfected the small scale wind turbine to be collapsed and transportable, as well as storing generated energy for use while on the go.