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Bellnix Targets Xilinx FPGAs with Quad-Output Converter Module with PMBus Interface and Digital Control

February 04, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Bellnix Co., Ltd. has introduced the BPE-37 dc-dc converter module. The BPE-37 has 4 (point-of-load converters) POLs on a board, BSV-1.5S12R0H, BSV-3.3S8R0M, BSV-1.8S4R0NA and BSV-3.3S3R0H. It supports ultra-high speed serial transceiver applications (25-28Gbps) on high-end FPGAs such as Xilinx Virtex-7 H580T and Virtex-7 H870.

"Bellnix power supplies are among the quietest switching power supplies we have tested with the Virtex-7 H580T All Programmable FPGA. Customers who want to extract the most out of their transceiver link budget will find they can still achieve their design parameters with a low-noise switching power supply," Xilinx's Analog Marketing Manager Steve Logan said.

The BPE-37 has the following features: Four output rails: 1.05V @ 12.6W, 1.2V @ 9.6W, 1.2V @ 1.5W and 1.8V @ 4.7W; Independent connectors for power and control; Digitally controlled voltage set point and margining; Digital current measurement; PMBus control interface; Differential point-of-load voltage sensing for each output rail; Differential current sensing using host platform mounted sense resistors; Power-on reset (POR_B); And power-up and power-down sequencing for Xilinx 7 Series FPGA

Customers can expect following benefits from using the BPE-37: Reduce component counts; Reduce total cost; Reduce engineering man-hour; Ease of use with digitally controlled voltage set point; Low Ripple Noise; Fast transient response; High efficiency; And best jitter performance from SERDES output signals.

"Customers can achieve ultra-high speed serial transceiver applications with BPE-37 and get very clean output signal from SERDES. This will enable the application to achieve high signal quality and longer transmission. No special hardware analog dc-dc converter design is needed. With BPE-37, customers can expect the best performance from your high speed serial transceiver applications such as IP routers/switch, base stations and many others. BPE-37 is the best power solution available in the market," said Kenichiro Suzuki, Managing Director at Bellnix.